How to use Gmail with a custom domain?

If you have your own domain and want to use Gmail for your email, here's how to do it:

Register your domain: Make sure you have registered your own domain. This can be done through various domain registrars.

Get Google Workspace: Subscribe to Google Workspace, which provides a suite of tools, including Gmail, with the ability to use your own domain.

Verify your domain: In the Google Workspace settings, you'll be prompted to verify that you own your domain. This is usually done by adding a TXT record to the DNS settings of your domain.

Configure DNS: After verification, add the recommended MX (Mail Exchange) records to the DNS settings of your domain. This allows mail servers to properly route emails for your domain to Google's mail servers.

Set up email clients: Now that your domain is connected to Google Workspace, you can configure your email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) or use the Gmail web interface to send and receive emails from your domain.

Make sure to follow the steps provided by Google, as they may vary depending on your current settings and interface. Good luck!

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